1. Do you have a manual? Yes, click here to access the manual
  2. Do you have to use the Mi Sphere Camera? No, there is an option to upload 360 images so you can use any camera. In fact you can now use your mobile to create 360 photos (so no need for a camera). However using the integrated camera support to take pictures on site is much easier and faster. Also the Mi Sphere is 28mp, fast, very low cost, has great light performance so uploading photos is only typically be used when a user has a compelling reason.
  3. What is the default password for the Mi Sphere camera? 12345678
  4. What is the cost? We are the lowest cost because we are free.
  5. Do the tours have any restrictions such as maximum photo’s or floors? No.
  6. I want to create a tour for my business/museum/village/university etc can I use this? Yes
  7. How long does it take to create a tour? A typically property takes 30 mins, each 7k 360 photo takes about 1 second using a Mi Sphere Camera.
  8. I have no computer skills, can I really do this? Yes, the tours are created within the app, you are guided through every step, even how to turn on the camera.
  9. Can I place the tours in my website? Yes, and social media too.
  10. Do your tours work within a iframe? Yes, making them easy to place within Rightmove, your website or mobile app.
  11. Do you support Facebook?
    Yes, however facebook does not allow iframes, they do support video and images. Your tour can at the press of a button be exported as a video (or the photos can be downloaded) allowing these to be used within Facebook with a link to the interactive tour.
  12. What is Blank wall syndrome? When walking into a small room, some Virtual Reality Tours will leave you facing a blank wall, this is called Blank wall syndrome. Your VR Tours, will automatically rotate a room so that your users never find themselves just facing a blank wall.
  13. What is Navigation Fatigue? When using some Virtual Reality Tour solutions the user will find that they are having to constantly swipe to navigate through a property and abandon the tour because they have become dis-engaged, this is called Navigation Fatigue. Your VR Tours avoids this by automatically rotating the navigation for users. This automated navigation allows you to highly influence the tour navigation allowing you to present the property in the best way possible.
  14. How can I navigate to a room directly? Click on the plan (bottom left), and then click on the room you wish to navigate too.
  15. When I open the plan what are the coluored dots? The dots represent the individual 360 photo’s that have been taken, clicking on a dot will take you to that room/360 photo.
  16. I zoomed in to the plan and then clicked on the room I wanted to navigate to, but I am now zoomed in on the room view, how do I zoom out? Double click on your screen and you will zoom out.
  17. What does the play button at the bottom right do? It navigates you around the property on a predefined tour. Interacting with the room will pause the tour, it can be restarted by pressing play again.
  18. How do I know where I am in the property? On the plan at the top left your current location is shown a as a dot on the map. If that is too small, click on the plan and the current location is shown as a highlighted dot.
  19. When I create a tour, I want the user to start the tour in a specific room, how do I do that? Each 360 photo/dot has a number, the tour will navigate the user through the property following the number sequence. The tour starts a dot 1, and will then navigate the user to dot 2, dot 3 etc. To change the default order click dot order within the app, and press clear, you can now click on the dots to define your own dot/tour order.
  20. I have made a tour with dot 1 at the front of the property, and dot 2 at the back of the property, will the tour just jump from dot 1 to dot 2? No, the tour will navigate the user through the property in the same way a person visiting the property would have to navigate. This ensures that the person viewing the tour gets a real sense of the building and its layout.
  21. When creating a tour is there any best practice I should follow? Yes, tours feel much easier to follow if photo’s are taken at right angles to doors when possible. This is simply because it is much easier for a user to follow their navigation around a property. It therefore makes sense to take photos at points in corridors/halls/landings that place doorways at right angles.
  22. Who owns the tour? The tour is in the public domain and are made available without copyright.
  23. What is room linking? The navigation between the 360 photo’s is limited to the linked 360 photo’s. If you don’t want users to be able to navigate from the kitchen to the garden (because its not possible for instance), then you would not link the 360 kitchen photo to the 360 garden photo.
  24. Can I incorporate a tour created by your vr tours in my own app? Yes visit github yourvrtours/flutter-vr-tours-360: A example of how tour(s) created using the Your VR Tours can be integrated into a mobile app (github.com) for a flutter example

If you have any other questions please email support@yourvrtours.com